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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran was born 17th February 1991 in Halifax, UK. His folk, pop and acoustic medley has catapulted him into one of the best selling, ne...

Il Divo

In 2001, an idea was conceived for a mould breaking quartet: 4 exceptional young men with formally trained voices who could take popular son...

Kate Bush

The singer plays her first series of concerts since 1979, a ‘Before the Dawn’ residency in London where she will play an amazing 15 nights!

Kylie Minogue

Although Kylie Minogue was dismissed by some critics, especially during the early years of her career, Kylie Minogue has achieved worldwide ...

Michael Buble

Michael Buble is the complete entertainer. Dynamic swing sensation from Vancouver, Buble tackles a range of material from Van Morrison to Ge...